First Annual MARC Symposium!

On the morning of September 16, 2023, the current MARC Scholars presented their research progress to their invited guests. This symposium had two sections of student presentations belonging to the current cohort of students with MARC: 2021 – 2023, 2022 – 2024, 2023 – 2025. We were also very fortunate to have Dr. Henry Cheng as the Keynote Speaker presenting how his graduate journey went for him and providing advice and resources to our current students regarding applying and going to graduate school. With 10 students ranging from diverse research project backgrounds, audience members were able to learn about topics from Mathematics to Engineering and Biomedical Research. A MARC Symposium abstract book can be seen here and again, we are very proud of the students and the efforts they put into presenting. It was an enjoyable morning and early lunch.

We made an abstract book for the event! Come check it out! You can access the full-book on scholarspace! Click here: